Best apps for fitness tracking

The best apps for fitness really depend on what you’re getting fit for. But whether you’re into general fitness to improve your health or if you’re after a more serious workout that will improve your body, there’s an app for every type of exercise routine.
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Six Pack Abs

This is an app that includes nearly 20 core-strengthening exercises. Each is performed by avatars in HD video so you can see how the exercises should be carried out and reproduce them safely. You can select a music playlist that matches the intensity of your workout and you can connect the app to MyFitnessPal so your workouts are automatically submitted to it.


This is an app for those who like to ride in order to get their exercise. The app is part of a system that includes a handlebar mounted navigation unit that’s Bluetooth enabled. It uses MapQuest to provide audio commands and directions but it also tracks your times, the amount of calories burnt and your speed.

Johnson and Johnson 7 minute workout

This is a free app that offers 36 exercises and 13 workouts. There’s a custom workout section too so you can design a 7 minute workout that’s ideal for you. This is the best app for those with little time to spare and it’s also great for those who want to work out without expensive equipment as most of the programmes are designed for use with chairs or on the floor.


MapMyFitness is the app for anyone who would rather exercise outside. There are over 600 activities built into the app, but the best thing about it is the ability to plan interactive routes using your phone’s GPS. You’ll get all the stats you’d ever want so you can measure your progress including the amount of calories burnt and the distance travelled.

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