Best apps for download music for Android

Nowadays a smartphone is most people’s primary media player. It makes sense to have your music stored on it rather than on a separate device like an iPod. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re sorted but who makes the best apps for download music for Android?
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Double Twist

If you’ve already invested heavily in iTunes but you have an Android phone this is the app for you. The sync between iTunes and your phone is seamless and simple with this app and it’s a great music player in its own right. The basic player is available as a free download but don’t ignore in-app purchases as they really unlock the app’s full potential.


The list of features on Poweramp dwarfs those found on other music apps. This is a music app that supports tons of different file types and one that provides crossfade, gapless play and an equaliser. There are lots of visual settings to tweak too so this is one of the most customisable music players available today. You can have a play with the settings for 15 days without charge so Poweramp gives you a great chance to try before you buy.

Google Play

Is there anything that Google don’t provide for internet and smartphone users? Google Play doesn’t have all of the features you find on Poweramp but it offers something that others can’t match: a huge cloud library for your music. Google Play Musicis also a great music player that integrates exceptionally well with your device.


This is one you may not have heard of before but it’s as worthy of your time and effort as the others mentioned here. The normal criticism with Shuttle is that it’s lightweight and doesn’t offer the sort of settings the other music download services do but it’s very cheap at less than £1 and there’s a free version that has most of the features you’ll need.

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