The Best Android Apps in 2014 for Free

Staying connected and organized in our fast paced environment can be extremely difficult. There is always somewhere to be, people to meet, and ideas that need to be written down before forgotten. Everyones needs are different, but here are a few of the best Android apps in 2014 for free that might be handy to download.

Helpful Apps

Here are some of the best Android Apps in 2014 for free so far this year.

Social Media

For many people, staying connected with friends, family, and followers, is high on their priority list. The Telegram is an app that is a close competitor to WhatsApp. You receive unlimited cloud storage space for your Telegram messages and media and it claims to be more secure than WhatsApp.

Tumblr is a great app for those that have a lot to blog about, but easy to share photos, videos, links, and chats from wherever you are in the world. You can also save drafts, queue posts, and easily manage multiple blogs.


Waze has the traffic reports in real time. It shows where there are delays, accidents, and petrol stations and their prices. It also helps you find the quickest way to your destination and can show you where various Facebook friendsd and events are happening.

TheTrainLine keeps you updated on current times and platforms for your train and lets you buy tickets online up to 10 minutes before boarding. It saves favorite trips you have taken and gives you the option to view and book hotels.


Umano is a great app for those that enjoy reading articles but simply don't have enough time. This app has a list of articles which you can look over and create a playlist from. These articles are then read to you by professional voice actors while you are working out in the gym or cooking. It is a very effective way to multi-task.

Out and About

UrbanSpoon is a popular app for people who enjoy exploring new restaurants. You simply provide basic information such as your budget, food preferences, and location, and the app will recommend places in the area. The restaurant will show the hours, address, directions, and reviews that it has received. You can also make a reservation at any bookatable restaurant through this app.

Stay Up To Date

Finding the best Android apps in 2014 for free can be tricky. There are always new and improved apps that are available to download, so keep on checking out the Google Play store and see what is available. If you can't find the perfect app to fit your needs quite yet, don't worry, I'm sure it will come soon.

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