Belgium iPhone Heist

Who wouldn't be happy to receive an iPhone for Christmas? Well thieves in Belgium have assured themselves that they’ll be getting just that in their stockings this year, by stealing 4,000 of the must-have gadget from a warehouse.

Like a heist scene from a movie (probably not true, but to make it sound more exciting we'll go with it), crooks broke in through the roof of the CEVA Logistics warehouse in Willebroek in Belgium and took the smartphones in a premeditated robbery, which newspaper Standaard describes as an ‘inside job’. (Another one?)

The large batch of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS’, which have an estimated street value of almost £2million have all since been blocked from accessing their assigned network, Mobister, but it’s likely the phones will be unlocked before they’re sold.

Do we have the new plot of the 4th Mission Impossible movie?

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