Behold the future

There've been hints and now the whole thing has leaked: behold, the new music player app for Android.

A website managed to get its hands on a special 'developer version' of Android Market, which contained the third edition of the default Android Music app. And it's a big upgrade. Which is just as well, as Music has been one of the weak points of Android until now.

The app doesn't actually look that different to before, but it contains some big extra features to do with Google's long-rumoured music 'cloud storage' service. There's definitely the ability to stream music from a 'Google Music' service, which we think will let you store your music collection in 'the cloud' the way Amazon's new 'Cloud Player' service does.

That means this isn't just an upgrade of the Android app, but a web-based music service as well, it looks like. All very exciting! No word yet on when we'll see this on our Android phones, but it looks like it's nearly ready so hopefully it won't be long.

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