Behold the future

You have to give Apple credit. Whether you're a fanboy or a hater, you've got to admit they keep on innovating. They brought multi-touch to phones, used it to reinvent it to tablets, and now they're bringing it to the desktop. First there was the Magic Mouse, which Microsoft have only just got round to imitating. Then there was the Magic Trackpad, which was bigger and trackpad-ier. Now, it seems, they want to do away with separate pointing devices altogether. In the future, you'll control your Mac by waving your fingers mysteriously over your keyboard.

We kid you not! Apple have just patented a system for embedding motion sensors in a keyboard to sense the activity of hands positioned above.

We're not totally clear how it would work - most likely there'd be a key which switched the keyboard from typing mode to mouse-ing mode. But that seems a bit unwieldy, and we wonder whether software couldn't be made that was smart enough to track both at the same time.

Still, this is probably all a few years away, by which time perhaps we'll have all abandoned typing for talking to our iPads anyway...

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