Beer cans to boost Wi-Fi

Does this sound too good to be true? Perhaps the idea of using beer cans to boost anything but your confidence with the opposite sex sounds like a load of nonsense but as you can see from the image, you can use beer cans to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Here’s how.


What you need

You just need an empty and preferably clean beer or drinks can or two. A pair of scissors, a knife and some blue tack. To begin, empty the can and make sure it’s clean. You can get rid of the ring pull at this stage as it won’t be needed. Now use the knife to cut the lower end. You could also use the scissors for this part of the job. When that’s done, repeat the process with the top of the can. When you cut the top, make sure you leave one or two inches at the top. Now you cut through the centre of the can from the top to bottom. When that’s done, take the can and fan it out into a “U” shape.

To finish

All you need to do to finish is to stick the Wi-Fi’s antenna through the drinking hole in the can and use the blue tack to keep it upright. It might not look all that wonderful, but you’ll have an improved signal around your home. Check it out on Youtube.com if you’d like a full blow by blow video of how it’s done.

If you think beer's bad for you

If we haven't convinced you that beer's good with the above recycling idea, check out our guide to the unexpected benefits of beer.

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