Become a restaurant guru with TrustedPlaces

After a weekend spent frequenting run of the mill watering holes and nondescript modern European style restaurants, WebTwitcher's taking a good look at TrustedPlaces today.

TrustedPlaces describes itself as a community of real people (which anyone can join) who all have opinions on places they've experienced in their daily lives. By being part of the community you can share your opinions on places that you know, trust and recommend - or even avoid - with all of your friends and their friends too.

Why was the service set up? Because it's increasingly difficult to find great new places to check out without it being a hassle and the team behind the venture feel that word of mouth is your best bet and that trusted recommendations shouldn't just stay in our heads but should be shared with all. Check out their blog if you want to keep on top of latest news from the new service.

First impressions are that the site has been very well designed. It's easy to navigate and simple to set up an account. On the homepage you're treated to a list of the reviewers favourite places, a review of the day and a list of who the top reviewers are.

It's also got an easy search facility where you can tap in the kind of place you're looking for, with the location, and browse through the community's recommendations immediately.

I'm looking forward to watching this service develop further, especially after the team garnered £500K of angel funding - it's certainly a fantastic idea!


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