Bebo what? (and the Alan Shearer singalong)

It seems like the only way to make a cool million on the web these days is to set up a website, built by members of the public, and give it an incomprehensible name. Like Bebo for instance, the new social networking site based around schools and colleges.

According to the Beboites, everyone from the Queen to the Pope is using the social network...WebTwitcher is not convinced that HRH chooses to pass her days reading which boy bands are the hottest right now, however I did find the much-talked about video, posted by Alan Shearer's daughter Chloe, of him singing in the car.

After trying to get it taken down, the ex-Newcastle striker's admitted defeat and accepted the inevitable status of "embarrassing dad". See it here.

Correction regarding the cool million: Bebo is thought to be valued at a staggering (cue Dr. Evil voiceover) $100 million.


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