Bebo is back

Hey, remember Bebo? Back in the mid-2000s, when we thought there might actually end up more than one successful social network, it looked like it might challenge MySpace and Facebook for a place in the market. It was super-popular with young people, a cherished demographic. And so AOL probably thought they knew what they were doing when they paid £515 million for it back in 2008. (Yes, you read that right. 2008, after Facebook was already available to everyone and on the rise.)

But of course, AOL didn't know what they were doing, and Bebo's growth stagnated. Last year a private-equity firm bought it from AOL for - get this - £6 million. That's a little over 1% what AOL paid. They destroyed 99% of Bebo's value. Insane.

And now the new owners - who include the site's original founders - have relaunched and redesigned the site in a bid to win us all back. Which worked out really well for Myspace last year. Not.

So what new features does this update bring? Um, emoticons.

'The site has added new features which it hopes will allow users to express themselves in different ways,' the BBC reports. 'That includes the ability to use emoticons that say 'Cool', 'Funny', 'Sorry' or 'OMG'.'

Oh, this is just embarrassing. Good luck, Bebo. You're going to need it.

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