Bebo beams messages into space

Hundreds of messages were beamed into space yesterday as part of Bebo's “A Message From Earth" program. The popular social networking site let users vote their top 501 messages to be sent towards the planet Gliese 581c, over 20.5 light years away.

Gliese 581c was discovered last year and is believed to be the correct distance from its sun to sustain life. The Bebo messages will arrive there in 2029.

So what images are currently making their way towards our extra-terrestrial brethren at the speed of light? How is the culture and worth of humanity to be represented? By Richard and Judy, Hilary Clinton, George W Bush and Cheryl Cole!

When the fleet of alien death ships arrives in eleven years to blast us all to oblivion, remember it was Bebo who provoked them in the first place!

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