Bebo and Facebook lead social media sites

Facebook may be the nation’s flavour of the month among social networking websites, but Bebo trumps it for performance, according to a new survey by Computing Which? magazine. The consumer mag’s rated sites also included Yahoo! Groups and MySpace, all of which were scored on criteria including ease of use and security.

Bebo came out top overall with a score of 79%, while Facebook was second with 74%. The magazine praised Bebo’s clear privacy and security information, saying there was “plenty of advice on security risks and how to avoid these”, and said that while Facebook was easy to use it wasn’t always obvious who could see your information.

Having resolved not to join any more social websites this year it’s too late for us to switch our allegiance – but what’s your favourite? Is Facebook still king? Is anyone at all using Orkut?

(Image: from Danny Sullivan's flickr stream)

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