Beatlemania to hit iTunes?

The clue, perhaps, is in the title. 'Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget,' said the typically modest Apple flyer declaring an 'exciting announcement from iTunes' tomorrow.

Now, 'Just Another Day' happens to the title of a song by Wings, the 70s band of one Paul McCartney. Who used to be in a very famous band, who have famously never allowed their music to be sold on iTunes.

Well, tomorrow that could change. The Wall Street Journal reckons tomorrow's event is indeed to announce that The Beatles' songs will be for sale on iTunes. The source? Ever-reliable 'people familiar with the situation.'

We kinda hope it's true, as it'd be nice to be able to call down We Can Work It Out at any time at a party. But to be honest, there's other, nerdier things we'd like more, like streaming access to your music. But we guess we'll have to see tomorrow.

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