Beat that, Google

A few weeks ago the internet got very excited about Google's self-driving car. In truth, though, self-driving cars have been around for a while, they've just never been quite safe enough to let out on the public roads for long periods of time.

Well, that marvellous day just got a step closer. Audi, the German high-end car manufacturer, just got its own self-driving car to drive itself up a mountain. And not just any mountain - Pikes Peak in Colorado, famous for the 156 twists and turns along the 12-mile road climb.

We're looking forward to the inevitable arms-race of stunts car manufacturers will presumably go through to show off their self-driving cars before they're allowed to actually show them off to the public. A car driving itself around Le Mans at high speed? Along the top of the Great Wall of China? BMW, it's your move.

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