Be where its at in August

August. Season of festivals and carnival high jinks, close bosomed friend of the surprising (recent) sun. Or something like that. John Keats aside, the festival month is upon us in all its glory, so make sure you don't miss out on some of this year's highlights.

Make a date in the diary for Notting Hill Carnival. Despite regular bad press, it's genuinely a fun day out.

If you can't quite stomach the tube crush and jerk chicken, head instead for the balmy quiet that is Reading Festival, highlights of which include Pearl Jam, Franz Ferdinand and Muse this year. Then of course the summer wouldn't be the same without camping in swamp-filled fields, and seeing as Glastonbury is on its year off, a trip to the V Festival will be a delight for mud lovers.

If you're looking for something more civilised, check out the National Trust's events calendar. It's not all blue rinses and walking sticks over cucumber sandwiches, in fact, some of the summer concerts are well worth a visit.

For updates on where to go and what to do over summer, add the British Towns RSS feed to your MIX, which will point you in the right direction whether that be Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight or the International Balloon Festival in Bristol.


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