Be Still Our Beating Hearts

Phones nowadays are featureless slabs of minimalist glass. PCs are, well, featureless slabs of minimalist glass. There isn't much for a real geek - who likes buttons and ports and plugs - to get excited about.

But this? This is right up our street. The GlobalScale DreamPlug is a full-scale PC smaller than a paperback book. You can literally plug it directly into the wall - you'll need a US power adapter - and plug in keyboard, monitor and the like, and off you go.

And the specs aren't bad. The DreamPlug is packing a 1.2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and 2GB of flash storage - and a MicroSD slot. All in all, it's pretty impressive for such a tiny piece of kit. And at just $150, a bargain to boot, though you'll have to pay a bit extra to get it shipped over here.

Fancy one? Go buy.

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