BBM for Android

The summer of 2013 will see BlackBerry Messenger or BBM for Android released for competing services using iOS and Android. The official UK T-Mobile Twitter Account tweeted "BlackBerry Messenger will be available to download on iOS and Android from June 27th", although the tweet was later deleted with BBM stating that this was not an official launch date. The outcome was even more feverish anticipation.

The new BBM system

BBM is a web-based messaging system that includes videotelephoning technology. It is available as an application on BlackBerry devices. Messages are encrypted with the BlackBerry PIN system, restricting communication to BlackBerry users.

Key features of BBM for Android

BBM for Android and iPhone is likely to possess components which will be familiar to users of its predecessors. These include instant messages which send much quicker than standard texts, with notifications when the message is sent, and when it is read.

Users will be able to forward as many as 2,000 characters in a single BBM message, eliminating the need to send multiple texts for longer messages.

Video and voice chat facilities will also be included (as long as users are hooked onto a WiFi connection for the latter feature).

BlackBerry sources apparently informed DigiTimes that, in addition to the Q5 (which is basically an entry-level smartphone with a physical keyboard), BlackBerry is manufacturing two brand new models, at much lower prices, before the end of 2013. These smartphones may well include an entry-level touchphone, particularly aimed at the increasing demand in emerging markets on the Pacific rim, or perhaps a lower-end version of the Q10 much like the Q5.

The same sources outlined that BlackBerry aim to be shipping around one million devices per month, each one running the new BB10 operating system, with a touchscreen and updated physical keyboard, as well as the Z10 which is an all-touchscreen model.

Further release details

BBM 5.0 gives BlackBerry users the facility to use a QR Code to make the necessary addition to contact lists, as opposed to the previous system of using alphanumeric PIN identification or email addresses associated with the respective Blackberries. The more recent BlackBerry devices can also make the contact exchanges using 'Near Field Communication technology'. BBM introduced even better functionality. BBM for Android will continue with the evolution of BlackBerry's trademark communication sophistication.

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