BBC planning Web 2.0 overhaul for 2007

Never one to get left behind when it comes to the web, the Beeb has revealed it will be adding some funky new Web 2.0 features to its site next year. One of the most interesting points is that following the unprecedented success of the political editor, Nick Robinson's blog, they are hoping to launch a new blogging platform for BBC correspondents around the world to talk with readers about the latest issues.

Looks like this will mark a significant shift for news providers, as blogging continues to infiltrate, and in some cases even replace, traditional news sources.

The BBC has been taking some interesting steps on the web world in the last few years. WebTwitcher recalls the initially controversial Digital Curriculum (a massive digital resource for schools) - launched this year as BBC Jam. The ambitious but successful project has apparently seen user numbers soaring, helped along the way by celebrity appearances including Trevor Nelson and Angellica Bell, who've been lending a scholastic hand. So if you want to know what the kids are up to these days, check out the site.


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