BBC phone-in scandals continue

Auntie has ground phone-ins to a screeching halt after investigations revealed more trickery. Director General Mark Thompson said the incidents were "totally unacceptable" and outlined a "zero tolerance" approach to any future incidents that may occur.

All phone-related competitions on BBC TV and radio stopped from midnight on Wednesday, and interactive and online competitions will be taken down as soon as possible. See the full story on the BBC.

The Trust, the BBC's governing body, added, "The public has a right to expect the BBC to set the standards for editorial integrity in broadcasting and expect those in charge of the Corporation to protect the reputation of their public institution."

Not even Blue Peter is safe from scam. Last week Ofcom fined the BBC £50,000 after the children's programme made up results of a phone-in competition during a live show. Blue Peter is a legend in television broadcasting, not least for the scandals that have surrounded the show since it began in 1958. There's a great programme history you can read through on Wikipedia if you want a trip down memory lane.


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