BBC One HD launches within the month

The BBC has announced that the HD equivalent of its flagship TV channel BBC One will be broadcasting from 7pm on Wednesday 3 November. Unfortunately this means that the first thing we’ll see on the BBC One HD is rubbish stand up comedian Jason Manford’s face. Oh well, at least soon we’ll have HD Eastender, right?

The channel will differ from the current BBC HD is that it will be a simulcast of what is on BBC One at the time, and will upscale any programmes that aren’t shot in HD.

‘We've known for a long time that what people really want to watch in HD are the programmes that they really love and enjoy in standard definition,’ Danielle Nagler, the Head of BBC HD and 3D. ‘BBC One is the UK's most popular television channel and, therefore, we want to make sure that we bring it to viewers in the best possible quality.

‘BBC One HD has come out of that thinking and we're really delighted that, as of 3 November, everyone who has an HD television and an HD connection will be able to watch not just the existing BBC HD channel, which brings together the best of the BBC's programmes from across our channels, but also a simulcast of BBC One in high definition, too.’

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