BBC launches a new weather forecast app for Android and iOS

  • BBC

We have reached that time of the year when weather forecasts become crucial. Whether you're planning a summer holiday, a day trip, a garden party or to go to an outdoor festival, knowing what to expect can make all the difference between wild enjoyment and miserable disappointment. Having noticed the increasing popularity of their weather forecast service with mobile users, the BBC has decided to launch a new dedicated product to better cater for the weather-concerned: the BBC Weather mobile app for Android and iOS.

But lets see what it offers: in terms of updates, the new BBC Weather app delivers forecasts for UK locations on an hourly basis, while for international ones it's once every three hours. The overview screen displays the weather conditions for the current day, a left swipe shows the hour-by-hour detail for the next 48 hours, while a tap on each hour-block goes more in detail showing the conditions for that specific hour including temperature highs and lows, UV reading and pollen count.

As with many other apps, the phone automatically detects the user's current location to provide an accurate local weather prediction, but also enables to search for postcodes, towns and cities. Due to the fact that the product has just been launched, the app is only capable of predicting the weather for a five day period, however, the BBC has declared that intends to improve the service as soon as possible, and that it will shortly be identical to the one offered by its popular website.

The only critique we can make regards the graphic display: the images showing the weather conditions are quite basic, as opposed to the realistic pictures delivered by the Yahoo! weather app found in most Apple products.

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