BBC iPlayer - in HD!

The best catch-up service that money doesn't buy (unless you count the license fee – we don't, you Tory pigs) just got a whole lot better; from today BBC iPlayer is going to start offering streams and downloads of its programmes in HD, which we think is just super-duper.

To start with the Beeb are only showing Doctor Who, Dragon's Den and something called Kerwhizz (which we've never heard of) in HD, but soon it will open up to other programmes for your viewing pleasure. The new version of the site will also check your internet connection and offer you the best possible picture, and will allow people to adjust the size of the viewing window. Both of which are very handy indeed.

'In the last month we've extended the channel hours to nine per day, refreshed the look, enhanced the range of programmes,' said head of BBC HD Danielle Nagler. 'And now our HD content will be available whenever and wherever audiences want it.' Hoorah for Auntie Beeb!

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