BBC iPhone apps on hold

When BBC Director General Mark Thompson hosted his ‘quality comes first’ briefing recently, you’d have been hard pressed to disagree with most of his changes (apart from radio station BBC6 Music). If anything he asks why the Beeb became so bloated so quickly and, why this wasn’t addressed earlier. (Well, that’s certainly what people in the commercial sector would say....)

Anyway, in light of all the media hoo-ha the Big British Castle have been forced to delay the release of their highly anticipated smartphone apps. Last year the beeb confirmed that bespoke apps including news, sport and the iPlayer would be free to download in May but due to a possible infringement on the BBC’s competitors their governing body the BBC Trust is reviewing the new applications.

A BBC spokesperson talked about the current review: 'We are focused on making BBC Online's core web propositions more user-friendly, convenient and accessible, and using existing content to create truly distinctive products around our core public service areas. We look forward to helping the Trust with any further information they require about our plans.’

Come on Beeb! We want them now!!!

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