BBC and Google plan international iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer could be set to go global with the news that Google is in talks with Auntie about the possibility of an international version of the popular internet TV player.

While British expats the world over will soon be hoping that they can finally watch the best of the Beeb online, the deal could hit a snag over the clearance for international rights to a number of programmes.

According to the Telegraph, the idea behind the proposed deal is for BBC iPlayer content to be available worldwide in conjunction with the Google owned video sharing site YouTube, but the exact details of the proposed agreement are still not clear.

A spokesperson for the BBC spoke about the possible innovation: "There are a significant number of obstacles to extending this commercially to other countries, including international rights clearance. These obstacles present significant difficulties and for this reason there are no firm plans for a specific international BBC iPlayer, but audiences can watch BBC content outside the UK through numerous BBC Worldwide content deals with online partners such as iTunes."

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