We review Battlefield Bad Company Xbox 360

The landscape for first-person shooters is incredibly competitive these days, so if a game wants to make any sort of lasting impression, it needs to be brilliant.

The Battlefield series has been making a big name for itself as it goes toe to toe with Activision's Call of Duty series, but does the lastest entry - Battlefield Company Xbox 360 - compare favourably to this gaming giant? In our opinion it does, and more!

Developers Dice have pulled out all the stops to make a compelling game, approaching things from a slightly more tactical angle than the brainless "run and gun" type gameplay you can expect from the Call of Duty franchise.

The story follows a familiar path to those who have played recent military shooters. You can expect to mow down thousands of soldiers and engage in dangerous covert operations. However, the difference here is that Battlefield Company does it with a panache that far outstrips the standard set by Modern Warfare 2, and more recently Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The meat of this type of game is the multi player element, and we are delighted to report that this is another strength for the franchise, it plays like a dream online.

Unlike COD, Battlefield allows you access to vehicles online, and the difference in tactics this makes to your average online skirmish is phenomenal. The maps are also a breath of fresh air, with large, roomy environments very much the order of the day.

This game outstrips Modern Warfare 2 in both execution and style, and we can't recommend it enough. We hope these tips have helped you choose Battlefield Company for Xbox 360 as your choice of first-person shooter.

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