Battlefield 1943 Xbox 360 review

Battlefield 1943 for Xbox 360 was 2009's biggest selling downloadable title. Dice and EA managed to sell 600,000 plus copies of the game for Playstation network and Xbox Live. So how did they manage to get such a huge following for a £20 game?

If you own an Xbox you have probably realised that Xbox Live Arcade has become a serious force in the gaming industry. While Xbox's online gaming service has always been the best of the bunch, their Arcade was a good idea but with very few good titles.

In 2009 all of that would change with the release of Battlefield 1943 for Xbox 360. Dice had been showing footage of the game for months before they were going to release it. When people had seen the level of quality the studio had put into a downloadable title they were shocked.

This was a game that Dice, if they wanted to, could have easily charged people a lot more for. They figured that the downloadable market was the right launch pad for the title and boy were they right! The launch surpassed all expectations - on release their servers crashed because they exceeded maximum capacity.

This could have easily just been a video game botch job but it really wasn't. They had spent ages making this feel like a full Battlefield release. The environments were fully destructible, vehicles were drivable and most importantly, it was a great deal of fun.

The game came with 3 large open world maps to play on. Three maps may not sound like a lot but they are very big and with the style of game that it is, there is never ending re-playability. The game is based around character classes and capture style game modes. Battlefield was first to do it and they are still masters of this genre.

Most games on Xbox Live lose their fan base over time. This comes down to the fact that something new comes along. Battlefield 1943 has somehow managed to still sell out game lobbies two years later.

This is a phenomenal game and we recommend it to any 360 owner. With Battlefield 3 on the horizon we could all do with the shooting practice!

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