Battle for Middle Earth 2: download the full game online

Battle for Middle Earth 2 - download the full game online and let's see what improvements have been added since the 2004 original! With some many great RTS title out there these days there might not seem to be much point in owning this, here's a few reasons why it is still great.

In 2006 the second instalment in the Battle for Middle Earth series entered the living rooms and man caves of many Lord of the Rings fan's homes. In fact, there was one great difference between BFME 2 and its predecessor: now console owners could have a bash.

While PC owners had been enjoying the online battles for over two years, console owners were left in the dark. This comes down to one main reason - RTS don't play well with consoles. If an RTS had a younger brother, it would be the games console.

PC gamers were knocked down a peg when they realised that BFME 2 had been given the go ahead for console release. Not only that but after release it started to get high 8 reviews, sometimes even 9s proving that maybe there was a home for RTS games on the home console.

While BFME 2 seemed to trump BFME on all things gameplay, it had some annoying failings that seemed to bring it back to a level playing field with the original. For every positive there seemed to be a horrible counter to knock down the enhancements they tried to add.

Somehow they managed to improve on the Tolkien vibe bringing a much richer Lord of the Rings World to the player while at the same time having a much poorer single player campaign to spoil the experience. The graphics and sound were vastly superior to the first with pretty stellar production on the game all around. Again they seemed to leave huge holes in the 'War of the Ring' mode making it difficult to really appreciate the work.

The good news is that this game is still fantastic - in fact, it still has a huge following of dedicated online players. This means that even five years on you can still go online and find a battle to take part in.

EA have actually pulled any full digital copies of BFME 2 from the internet but you can still get a demo from CNET (cnet.com) to check it out. If you like it you can also get Amazon to post it out to your house.

One downside to the games popularity is it's downfall. It is still priced on Amazon (amazon.com) for around £30. This is pretty expensive for a five year old game but it is also a credit to the quality of this title.

Get a demo off CNET today and see if BFME 2 is the game for you.


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