Battery spat

Spat alert! A bit of a war of words has broken about the battery life of Amazon's Kindle.

Last week, we told you US bookseller Barnes & Noble had shown off a new version of its Nook e-reader. Amid its impressive list of abilities was this brag: 2 months of battery life, double that claimed by Amazon's Kindle.

Well, Amazon wasn't taking that lying down. They pointed out that Barnes & Noble's estimate was based on half an hour's use a day. Amazon's own estimate of Kindle's battery - one month - was based on an hour's usage a day. So, overnight last week, Amazon updated their estimate to be based on half-an-hour's usage instead - and ding!, the Kindle could suddenly claim a Nook-matching two months' battery.

Fair enough, you might think. But something's up. Barnes & Noble wasted no time in hitting back, saying that in fact, based even on a direct comparison, the Kindle has half the Nook's life:

In our side-by-side tests, under the exact same conditions, continuous use of the device resulted in more than two times Kindle's battery life. While reading at one page a minute, the all-new Nook battery lasts for 150 hours, where the Kindle battery, using the same page-turn rate, lasts for only 56 hours (both with Wi-Fi off).

Who's right? Who knows? To be honest, we think either e-reader has more than enough battery to let you not worry about carrying a charger around. But it's fun to see a fight breaking out, isn't it?

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