We recommend a battery powered digital photo frame

Despite a lot of initial enthusiasm when they were launched, digital photo frames haven’t really taken off in the UK. That's evident when you walk into an electrical store and they only have a few on offer. But in our opinion, a good digital photo frame is perfect for showing off all your pictures of holidays, family and friends.

One major downside, and perhaps the reason why they haven't been more popular, is that not many 8 to 12 inch photo frames are powered by batteries. They consume a lot of energy, so many are mains powered. This means that you have to put them somewhere near a plug and you have the messy cables to think about. There are a few brands that do offer battery powered frames, but the battery life is only a few hours with most.

Having a battery powered digital photo frame means you can put it anywhere and don’t have to worry about plugs and extra cables. The Philips 10FF2CME 10 inch Digital Photo Frame has a rechargeable battery, so it can be both mains powered or run off the battery. As with most digital frames, the battery life isn’t great, but the other features go some way towards compensating for this. It is compatible with many memory cards and comes with a decent internal memory.

When buying a digital photo frame, one of the first things you should check is whether it comes with a rechargeable battery. This is a hugely advantageous feature that will offer you the flexibility to display your photos anywhere in your home.


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