Batman to get DLC loveliness

Those of you who have bought the PS3 version of Batman Arkham Asylum may have been a little bit surprised and excited at a message that popped up on the ticker on the game’s menu screen that read ‘free downloadable content in 9 days’. Could the funnest new game out there right now possibly get any better than it already is? It’s possible.

No-one seems to know exactly what form the DLC will take; some have suggested it’s going to be The Joker and exclusive pre-order challenge rooms, but it could be something as ace as a new episode. A long shot, given how long the game has been out, but here’s hoping.

‘The in-game infocast for Batman Arkham Asylum has teased about possible DLC but this is something we can't talk about right now,’ said an Eidos spokesperson to CVG. ‘All I can say is we wouldn't start a countdown clock for no reason.’

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