Batman: Arkham City - Gameplay footage!

We love E3: not only does it give us a slew of easy stroies to write about, it also means that we get to see a load of new footage about games we literally cannot wait to see. Just yesterday evening Rocksteady spoke to Game Trailers about Batman: Arkham City, and showed off oodles of gameplay footage of the new game, including Catwoman in action.

The video, which is below, is a full eight minutes long, with the vast majority of that taken up with footage from the game. You see just how Batman navigates the city, swooping around the place with his grapple hook and wings, and also just how varied the gameplay is: there are a series of side missions and trophies, which can be gained by interrogating beaten up gang members, and although the cut scenes seems as cheesy as ever, the atmosphere looks special. Take a look.

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