Batman: Arkham City gameplay footage

We’ve got quite a long wait until Batman: Arkham City comes out: the game is due for release in the UK on 21 October, so until then we’re going to have to grab any snippet of infor we can get our hands on, and cherish it like it were our very own newborn baby. Like the trailer below, for instance, which we’ve put in a cot and are trying to breastfeed. It’s precious, you understand.

In it we get to see some actual gameplay footage, which shows us how Bats can hang on to choppers and swoop down from the skies to biff baddies preying on innocent civilians, and also the introduction of Two Face. The Joker is still there, of course, and while the footage isn’t anywhere near as impressive looking as the previous CGI trailer, it’s still pretty cool. Take a look.

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