There can be little doubt that the best Batman that ever graced the screen was Adam West’s campy 60s version, complete with the way cool Batmobile with the fiery exhaust and the obviously sped up film that accompanied its racing away from the Batcave. He was, in short, a paunchy, lycra-clad bat-legend, who definitely did it with Catwoman: no question. That’s how superheroes should all be.

Not only was he bat-tastic, he also had an eye and an ear for the greatness of video games. Check out what he wrote for Videogaming and Computergaming Illustrated way back in 1983 about the future of our fair hobby, and gaze in wonder at the man’s vision. Incidentally, 1UP has reproduced the entire article for you to read. It’s very odd, and very well written.

‘In the same way a painting allows us to gaze upon the faces and souls of people from another age, or a book permits us to linger on the thoughts of great figures from history and fiction, videogames can expand our awareness of the world as it is, was, or might be.

‘The medium is still in its infancy, but read this again in a few years and see if this prediction hasn't come true: as video gaming grows, we will grow.’ Preach, brother.

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