Bargain alert

Exciting news! Over the weekend we told you that, following their announcement that the TouchPad tablet would be discontinued, HP had ordered its retail partners to sell of their remaining stocks at the bargain price of $99. An online frenzy ensued, with thousands of tablet fans suddenly deciding the defunct tablet was well worth snapping up at a bargain price.

Now, it's suddenly the number one tablet on Amazon US. But what about Europe? All weekend, it looked like we were going to be mysteriously left out of the fun.

But no! Mark Webb, senior honcho type at Dixons, just announced that starting 'later today' - whatever that means - Dixons will be selling the 16GB TouchPad for just £89.99, and the 32GB version for £115. He added that, for those who prefer bricks-and-mortar stores, Currys & PC World will be selling the TouchPad in shops from tomorrow morning for the same comedy prices.

No word from other retailers like Argos or Amazon yet as to whether they're joining in.

We predict chaos when the prices are updated, so get to the Dixons website and start hitting 'refresh' now. But don't worry, we can see eBay being flooded with these next week...

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