Here at Digitaledge we use all sorts of different phones all the time, so we can appreciate the charms of various different shapes and sizes of handset. But we do have our favourites. For us, we've never quite got on with virtual keyboards - there's nothing quite like a BlackBerry-style proper keyboard for efficient emailing. But we want a modern smartphone OS. So those rare moments when a decent Android phone with real buttons comes along get us very excited.

And when it looks like being low-cost, even better. The new Orange Barcelona, as it's for some reason known, looks like a nifty low-cost Android phone with a proper keyboard. Packing Android 2.2, which isn't bang up to date but is perfectly respectable, it has an OK 3.2 megapixel camera and not-too-tiny 2.6in screen. Most importantly, it's related to last year's wonderful Orange San Francisco, which brought us a decent Android smartphone for under £99. Hopefully this new Orange-branded 'droid will hit the same magic figure, cost-wise, when it's released later this summer.

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