Barack wins online battle

As far back as February 2007, Barack Obama outlined his strategy to use the internet to aid his presidential nomination campaign. In an online video, Barack asked his supporters to "use this website as a tool to organize your friends, your neighbours and your networks."

Over a year later it's clear that his supporters have answered the call. Obama's campaign has been characterized by the intelligent and innovative use of the internet by his supporters from Obamacycle to the social networking site my.BarackObama.com, which boasts over 500,000 members.

With voting in Texas and Ohio taking place today, volunteers in both states have emphasized the importance of the web and social networking in organizing the Barack campaign on the ground.

A volunteer in Ohio commented. "There really was no infrastructure, and now it's all over the place -- within three weeks we have this million-[person] door-knocking campaign."

The web has been a happy hunting ground for Obama. Not only did he win the overseas primary thanks to internet voting, but data from online traffic firm Compete shows that, in January, over 1.7 million people visited Barackobama.com. In contrast, less than half that number clicked on hilaryclinton.com.

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