Barack Obama elected 44th President of the United States

Finally. History has been made: Barack Obama has been elected the first black President of the USA.

Obama's poise, unflappable delivery and charisma marked him out from the off as that rare thing - a politician who not only do most people like but believe can do the job. His tireless grass roots campaigning has produced one of the most incredible Presidential battles of modern times.

Camp Obama's campaign was also bolstered from the off by an inspired use of the internet. Obama's video virals have been slick, modern and supremely clever in the simplicity of their message, as opposed to the vitriolic record jamming of the McCain effort. Not only is Barack Obama the first black President ever in the Whitehouse, he's also the only President to have fully harnessed the power of the internet and recognised the need for winning eyeballs as well as hearts. November 5th 2008 is a great day for the entire world. Listen to Obama's acceptance speech - emotional stuff.

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