Bank holiday surprise?

What date officially marked the rebirth of Apple? Was it when Steve Jobs returned in 1997? The release of the iMac? The iPod? Perhaps the thing which most surely demonstrated Apple's return to confidence was the opening of the first Apple Store, on May 19, 2001 in California.

That's right, May 19, 2001. The clever among you will have noticed that's ten years ago tomorrow. And rumour has it the company is planning something frankly rather badass to celebrate this weekend.

A large number of staff have been put on an overnight shift on Saturday, according to leaks, which points to a midnight product launch. And there's an all-staff training meeting on Sunday which could be to show staff how to demonstrate some crazy new piece of hardware. Or software. It could be Mac OS X Lion, the new Mac software. It could even be the iPhone 5.

Or it could be nothing. Wired points out, 'Historically, Apple retail employees have been kept in the dark about new products before their public debut, and we don’t see why that strategy would suddenly change for any new product.'

Ah, Apple, how you delight in making us pointlessly speculate. Still, we'll all know soon enough.

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