Bank holiday blues a chance to upgrade your homepage

Ah, the great British Bank Holiday. Time to get your macs out (the plastic covering kind, not the computing variety) and head down to the beach for sand covered picnics, soggy cupcakes and a few gusts of the north sea's finest. Either that or it's bowling.

But, if you're avoiding the beaches and staying away from the bowling alleys, you could always have a scout around the web for some Bank Holiday Monday fun. Why not try setting up a personalised homepage for a starter? Check out Excite MIX if you've not played around on it yet.

Now's a great time to search around the web and add all your favourites to your customised start page. Check to see if your top sites have RSS feeds and if so, add them all to your MIX for just one shot of the latest updates from your top sites.


What are you putting on your page? »


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