Bamboo hoo?

OK so global warming, right? If it's so bad, how come everyone always seems so much happier in summer?

OK fine, so it's bad and we're all going to die. But the good news is, the struggle for environmental sustainability is creating some amusingly bizarre tech. Take, for example, this new bamboo laptop.

Yes, that's right, bamboo laptop.

As this Engadget gallery shows, Korean manufacturer ASUS have managed to find or make a type of the wood which looks a lot like black matte plastic, so the u33Jc-A1 (seriously! Where do they get these names?!) doesn't look all that weird. But be in no doubt - that casing is made largely of bamboo.

In fairness, as Engadget point out, bamboo is 'one of the most durable and recyclable materials on earth.' And apparently the bamboo makes the 33JC 'feel like one of the more solid laptops [they've] reviewed.'

Fancy one? It's available from $999.

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