Ball breakers?

Mobile phones. We all use them, all day long, but are they bad for us? There's been a revival recently of the age-old debate about whether mobile phone signals cause cancer, with conflicting reports suggesting we should, and shouldn't, be worried.

But now, there's something new to worry about! Joy of joys. While your phone is up against your ear, it may be giving you cancer, but what about when it's in your pocket? Then, it's destroying your sperm!

At least, it is if you're a man. Or at least, it might be. According to a new study in the Journal of Andrology - that's the study of man-things - mobile phone radiation does a whole bunch of horrible things to your little swimmers:

'Altogether the results of these studies show that RF-EMR decreases sperm count and motility, and increases the oxidative stress... human spermatozoa exposed to RF-EMR have decreased motility, morphometric abnormalities, and increased oxidative stress, whereas men using mobile phones have decreased sperm concentration, motility (particularly the rapid progressive one), normal morphology, and viability. These abnormalities seem to be directly related with the length of mobile phone use.'

We don't know what 'motility' is, but we get the gist: mobile phones reduce your chances of replicating yourself in genetic form through sexual congress with a female or, for those so inclined, with a clinical cup.

The good news is that the study, which was basically a review of the existing literature, says that more study is needed before we can be certain there's a risk. 'More studies are necessary to provide stronger evidences that cellular phone use disturb sperm and testicular function since the existing literature has several limitations,' it says. But till that happens, well, you might want to try putting your phone in your back pocket or something...

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