Badger Badger Badger, YouTube users respond

It almost escaped WebTwitcher's online eagle eye. Almost.

Way back in the sunny days of July, I posted a comment a hilarious nonsensical animation on YouTube (around the time of the Snakes on a Plane phenomenon). Finding it again today I've realised this has become something of a YouTube cult club with users of all ages, and the number of video responses to Badger Badger Badger is steadily growing. My favourites so far?

This girl's snake impression is awesome, and the animation on this version is great. It's even becoming a post-dinner family activity, with fathers getting their sons to act it out. WebTwitcher thinks these guys should be in with a chance of winning the best Badger Badger spoof, however, we are still loving this version the best.

If you decide to make your own live Badger action video, let us know and send me the link. The best reaction to the videos however, goes to this little girl. How cute?!


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