Back to Vice City?

Depending on who you believe, Rockstar have given fans of Grand Theft Auto a cheeky little teaser as to the location of the fifth installment of their mad-as-a-box-of-frogs crime and (no) punishment series.

If you have a look at page 13 in the manual of Episodes From Liberty City which was released last week, there is an inexplicable message saying ‘Liberty City, It’s Over!’, below which there is a tear in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and text next to that which reads ‘next stop’. Hmmm.

What we can see amounts to very little, but you can make out the work ‘Seagull’, which has led some internet sleuths to posit that we’re going back to Vice City for GTAV, due to 80s cacksters Flock Of Seagulls prominence in the old PS2 title. Whether or not re-imagining the same old cities is a very good idea or not we’re not sure, and if they set it in the 80s again we’ll have to be pushed very hard to purchase a game we last played five years ago. Say it ain’t so, Rockstar.

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