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Blur may have been back-to-the-sixties mods, but Gorillaz have always liked a bit of tech, from the animation and projections made to represent the actual characters to the bleeps and bells of their best album Tomorrow Comes Today. So perhaps it's not surprising that Albarn's cartoon side-project have become the first major act to release an album made entirely on the iPad.

The funny thing about this story is that it perfectly shows why the iPad is proving so influential. It's easy as pie to make an album on a laptop, with excellent software like GarageBand easily and cheaply available. But Gorillaz used the iPad to record their new album, The Fall, while on tour, because, Albarn told the NME, 'I fell in love with my iPad as soon as I got it.'

So what's it like? Well, a bit rough and ready, which is as much to do with the circumstances of recording - in grabbed moments on tour - as it is the technology used. But it's well worth a listen. And the good news is, you can listen to it free at Gorillaz' website! Or if you're feeling lazy, you could just listen to the track in the video we've helpfully embedded below.

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