Baby You(r Phone) Can Drive My Car

Last week we told you about Hyundai's posh new Equus car, which comes with a free iPad sporting a special instruction-manual app. Well, it seems this was just the start of a trend: car manufacturers are getting all iOS all over the place.

Last week, Mini released their Mini Connected app into the wilds of the App Store. The app streams internet radio from your iPhone into your Mini's speakers, at least if you've got the latest 2011 model. Or, kinda awesomely, you can have it read Twitter feeds to you over the car stereo.

Now, Mini's parent company BMW has released its version of the Connected app for its own cars.

But we've got to admit, we're not convinced of the utility of apps which just do things other apps do, but through the car's systems. Why not just download a Twitter app that reads out your tweets and plug your iPhone's headphone socket into the car stereo?

The hope, though, is that exciting car-specialist apps will appear over the next year or so. All in all, we wouldn't say these widgets are worth getting a brand-new Mini or BMW for, but if you're lucky enough to already have one, it wouldn't hurt to give them a download.

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