Where to Find a B17 Flying Fortress Free Game Download Online

We all love free games, and it's easier than you think to find the B17 Flying Fortress free game download on the Net. There are at least three sites that list this game for download, and some even include updates, the original user manual and screenshots.  This is a freeware game by Micropose released in 1992, and this is partly why there are so many free downloads available. It's also a DOS game, but it has been tested on XP installations and seems to run well.

caiman.us has this download available, and the site also shows screenshots of the game. This game gets a five star rating on the site, but if you're after other 3D flight Sim games, you should find more games here than you'll ever be able to play.

abandonia.com has the game for download and at just under 5MB, this one should be a breeze to download. If you want updates for the game, you're in for a treat because there's not only an update available, but also the original user manual and a key guide to download. Almost all sites that offer this game for download recommend that you get the user manual, and this is because learning the controls and how to fly your B17 can be rather tricky!

oneonlinegames.com also has this game as a free download, so you're really spoilt for choice. If you're looking for a site that offers a review of the game and explains the plot a little, try visiting Abandonia, since it explains the story behind the game and even has a user's forum if you want to talk strategy with some other B17 fans!


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