Axiatel Business tips to satisfy customers

Manage your calls even from abroad, answer or redirect your incoming calls in accordance with your schedule and identify callers’ ID and location!

Telephone greetings reflect the image and the quality of your business; therefore it is essential to offer customised services to your customers.

The various characteristics of this Axiatel service will provide you with the opportunity to: - Obtain an easy to remember local number - Redirect your calls - Set-up your greeting messages, music and voices. - Manage your phone features directly online -Choose among 250 pre–recorded messages - Retain your current phone number

Suitable both for private users and businesses, this service does not require any software installation. Make your life easier and acquire this new professional phone greeting service for only £14.90 per month! Everything is already included in your package.

Get the chance to finally provide full satisfaction to your customers and stop making them experience the frustration of being redirected to the wrong department and busy lines.

Configured to your own requirements, The Virtual Switchboard will allow you to save time and money, as well as help you portray the professional image that you deserve!

For further information on the Virtual Switchboard and to take advantage of our 30-day free trial offer; please visit our website at www.axiatel.co.uk!

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