AVG removal tool and alternatives

If you tried removing AVG and notice that it is not removed completely, you may need an AVG removal tool. However, there are other alternatives. You can uninstall it manually as long as you feel confident and comfortable working with your operating system. You may also want to use other third party tools like CCleaner.

Ways to uninstall AVG

There are three main ways to uninstall the antivirus software. You can do it manually without using any tools. You can also use AVG’s own removal software. Lastly, you may use third party tools.

Manual instructions for Windows XP

Click start then go to control panel. Look for Add or Remove Programs and click on the icon. Find AVG under the list and click remove. Follow the instructions prompted on the screen to uninstall the program.

Manual instructions for Windows Vista and 7

Click the Windows icon and go to control panel. Find the option that says 'Program – Uninstall a program' and click on the link. Locate the AVG icon and simply double click on it. After being prompted to uninstall it, click 'OK' and follow the instructions.

AVG utility

You can download the AVG removal tool from the company’s official website. To locate the correct uninstaller, go to the avg.com and click go to Support > More Downloads > Download Tools and find the correct software under the list provided.

Once downloaded, run the software and click OK when asked. The tool will search for all related files and delete it from your system. Restart the computer and check if the uninstall was successful.


This popular tool does not only clean junk computer and registry files. It can also be used to uninstall computer programs. To use the uninstaller, run the software and click on tools. Locate AVG and click uninstall on the right side of the interface.

Making a choice

Use AVG removal tool if uninstalling the antivirus software manually does not work. However, if you have third party uninstallers on your system, use them. Just be sure to install an alternative antivirus on your system after removal. Always protect your system from viruses, malware, spyware, and other malicious programs.

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