AVG 2013 antivirus review

AVG 2013 antivirus updates seek to overcome problems of the past while at the same time looking into the future with introduction of cutting edge new features. The 2013 version of AVG’s antivirus embraces large, multi-coloured, title-like buttons that are designed to fit seamlessly into Windows 8.

Links to Options, Support and Reports are located on the upper right corner of the boldly coloured new interface and really do make the suite easier to navigate. These, however, are not the only exciting features packed in this new edition of the software.

AVG 2013 new features

One of the best new features of the AVG 2013 antivirus edition is a simplified firewall with an enhanced spam filter that is extremely accurate. The AVG browser tool bar has also been re-designed to give access to safe search that reports on the safety levels of web pages you visit. Additionally, the browser toolbar has AVG's Do Not Track button that identifies tracking elements on web pages and gives you the option to actively block the tracking pages.

Other impressive additions in the 2013 antivirus edition include AVG’s Accelerator for downloads and streaming, an Online Shield feature that blocks dangerous websites and Identity Alert that protects your personal information on the Internet, which is an extra-cost service only available in the paid version of the software. A number of other cool, non-security buttons have also been included to allow you to do cool things like launch the Windows calculator or connect with Facebook.

AVG 2013 drawbacks

While AVG's 2013 antivirus edition is impressive in many ways, it does not lack its share of drawbacks. The antivirus has addressed its lengthy installation procedure by cutting back on installation time, but there is still much trouble installing the software on systems that are already malware infested.

The antivirus also forces browser shut down without warning during installation, which can be a little annoying and inconveniencing. Additionally, the level of protection offered against very new phishing sites and exploits is somewhat low compared to competing software.

The bottom line

Overall, AVG 2013 offers excellent if not perfect security levels. The antivirus solution and its spam filter are better than most competing security suites in the market even when using AVG's free antivirus solution. In fact, AVG's 2013 free antivirus solution and AVG’s paid 2013 Internet Security suite offer almost the same power protection. This makes AVG a serious contender for best antivirus programs in the market, particularly with its free security offering. No doubt AVG deserves its enormous active user base of 128 million strong.

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