Avert your eyes if you are afraid of mullets

Reader. I'm sure you've seen at least one of the myriad of mullet websites that have been doing the web rounds now since the 70's (WebTwitcher is allowed to use a certain amount of poetic licence, bear with me). I have spent a worrying amount of time finding out if any of these sites are providing mullet-lovers with an RSS feed, and all was about to end in despair...

...however, seek and ye shall find, and find I certainly did. Not only does Mullet Maddness have some excellent RSS feeds listed below, here, in a WebTwitcher exclusive, is a never-seen-before-on-this-blog picture of the King of Geek Chic himself, sporting an own-brand Microsoft Mullet. Nice!

Now, back to work, and stop mulling over the wrongness of this haircut.


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